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Perky Goths
Perky Goths
More of a general attitude than a true type, Perky Goths know how to have a good time. Abandoning the dark and gloomy Gothic stereotype, these Goths are cheerful, friendly and often bouncy to the point of hyperactive. They see the gothic lifestyle primarily as a way to have fun.

Because they often don brighter colours and readily dance crazily to the more upbeat music in the gothic spectrum, Perky Goths are often associated with the Cyber scene. However, you’ll find plenty of Perkies in all other aspects of the scene, from Death Rockers to Victorian vampires. The key point is, these Goths do not make the mistake of taking themselves too seriously.

The typical Perky Goth loves all the cheesiest and silliest aspects of Goth, including cute things, 80s cartoons and TV shows and anything to do with Halloween. While music tastes are diverse, typical Perky Goth bands include 80s electropop (eg. Strawberry Switchblade), silly-as-hell Death Rock (eg. Alien Sex Fiend) and comedy artists (eg. Voltaire).

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